Built in 24 hours for the GMTK Jam "Genre without mechanic."

A real time strategy game where you must control all of your units at once with the keyboard. There's no selection, everything is always selected. This gets very silly when you try to mine resources, but I make you do that anyway.


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Played through the whole game, was pretty tough at some point. Such a good game!

I love this game. It's by far my favorite that I've played from this jam so far. I'd love to see you pursue this idea further!

Very nice game! You managed to take an RTS game and make it a puzzle game. This could probably be turned into a full game, although you would need to refine the controls and work on the presentation. But for what it is, it's amazing. Good work.

Best game in this jam that I played so far! I really love the idea and the execution is great. I think this has great potential.

The graphics are a bit lacking but they really aren't that important (although a separate design for the turrets and structures wouldn't hurt.) I managed to beat every level and enjoyed almost all of them very much (spiky boys are not my jam.) I found it a bit weird that you can still win even if you have no red structures alive.

If you plan on continuing with this, here are some of my notes: 

  • There needs to be a way to slow down your units for more precise movement (Ex. Hold shift to move all units slower.)
  • Add some better designed maps (symmetrical and with places to hold your resource gathering units while you attack)
  • Make it competitive against another human player if possible
  • Make AI a bit better (in one level they didn't cash in their resources at all and didn't even try to defend.)

I'm willing to help with the level design and play-testing if you want it. :D

Good luck in the Game Jam!