Like a roguelike but everything is made of bouncy physics objects. Choose one of five classes to defeat the Pinball Wizard! Made for 7DRL 2019.


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nice! How did you do the shadows? Mind to share the code? (of the shadows)


Get two points by projecting each of a wall line's end points outwards an arbitrary large distance (anything bigger than the screen) from the player's position. Get another two points by projecting a small distance (however much of the wall you want to actually see). Draw a polygon with the four points you found. Repeat for every wall. Use a solid fill color (not transparent or something) so they all look like one cohesive mass of shadow.

genius! thanks!

please make  more, also pllease make save gameor add download, I lost progress HELP

Love the concept. I hope you expand on this game!

Really solid game!


Very fun!

I probably find fighter's directional shield to be the most interesting ability to plan your movement around - it's surprisingly versatile with how you can deflect enemies away, even into spikes.


Are you the same red_kangaroo who was the huge fan of Hero Trap? Welcome back!


And you are the same jtolmar, I didn't realise. Yes, it's me and I still think it was unfair that Hero Trap didn't end up much higher in the results. :D It was a massive, polished, hard and very clever game.
But I see you didn't run out of good ideas. :) Pinball Dungeon seems well-suited as an Android roguelike, and I say roguelike intentionally - it's great how you managed to uphold all the "standards" of a roguelike, even if the turns are a bit unconventional.


Hey @jtolmar, hit me up, would love to chat about this game! Tried you on Twitter but no luck.

hq @ phantomcompass dot com


I decided to develop Dungeons & Disks (the other disk flicking game in 7drl 2019) as a commercial game.

Will you keep working on this game?

Congrats! I'm glad you found a prototype worth developing.

I'm not sure whether Pinball Dungeon will get all the way to release, but I am still developing it and that's my current intent.  We should coordinate a bit to make sure we don't step on each other's toes. My focus for this game is on memorable experiences (and chaos) as opposed to tactical depth. I plan to do more to capitalize on the fact that it's not quite actually turn-based, play more with unique physics objects, and do more with dungeon generation and the exploration side. I'll probably be going for a cute to cute-dark art style. Target player demographic probably skewing younger.

Do you know what parts of your design you're focusing on?

I am focusing on tactical plays (imagine Into the Breach without grid), perk combos, and teamwork. 

I decided to redesign hero skill & perk system into a more flexible one, but not sure what I'll end up with at this moment.

Guess that's different enough.

btw, do you mind if I add a spinning barbarian into my game?

Yeah, with such different focuses, I don't think we're going to be stealing each other's audiences so much as we're kickstarting a genre.

I think a spinning barbarian is pretty obvious, go for it.

Do you have any plans to add terrain or dungeon generation to yours?

Terrain: Yes. Actually I tried to add it during 7drl, but I have a hard time on monster AI's aiming.

Dungeon Generation: No. Each encounter will be in a rectangle. (You know I want to make a physics based Into The Breach) Anyway, random generated wall is on my list.

This was a lot of fun! First successful runthrough, 2457 points as the Barbarian :)

Btw, unrelated, but I don't see it on itch so can't comment on it; I played your previous roguelike recently too and I loved it.



I'm glad you enjoyed Hero Trap too. You're right that it's not on Itch. I was thinking of cross-posting it here in a couple months, once 7DRL hype has worn down.

That would be great!


Well done! Just played this together with my 6 year old son and we both had a lot of fun. The controls are so intuitive that he easily managed to do it.

This is an interesting idea. The turn based sort of thing is done really well.

Nice.  Beat the wizard with 2242.  Fun mechanic - definitely worth playing!

This was fun! Great job!

A lot of fun and definitely more punchier movement than the early version I tried.  I feel I should get points for hitting more than one ball in a single move.  Could you display the score while we are playing?

I can't do anything, the 7DRL submission deadline is closed :-).

The score is 10000 * gold / (turns spent + damage taken). Because time is in there, fancy moves that accomplish a lot are rewarded, a little. Rewarding fancy shots more on top of that would be cool, but I think more immediate recognition would be better, maybe some sort of piety system where this sort of showboating pleases the gods.

Only if you take it forward afterwards :)  

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Thanks! My previous roguelike was tough as nails, but this prevented a lot of people from seeing most of the content, so I deliberately made this one fairly easy. Give that a try if you want more of a challenge.

And yeah... it's really like shuffleboard more than anything. But the antagonist is definitely pinball based, so it gets its name there.

High score thread! I just got 5605 as the Rogue.


2297 as barbarian. That was a lot of fun!

8495 as the Barbarian >:-) 


4067 as the Rogue (first win so far). Fun game, really well executed!

That was fun!